Long term results of radiotherapy in vulvar cancer patients in Slovenia between 1997-2004

  • Barbara Helena Zobec Logar Onkološki inštitut Ljubljana


AbstractBackground. The aim of this retrospective single institution study was to analyse long term results of vulvar cancer treatment with conventional 2D radiotherapy in Slovenia between 1997-2004.Methods. 56 patients, median age 74.4 years +/- 9.7 years, mainly stage T2 or T3, were included in the study. All patients were treated with radiotherapy, which was combined with surgery (group A), used as the primary treatment (group B) or at the time of relapse (group C). Chemotherapy was added in some patients. Histology, grade, lymph node status, details of surgery, radiation dose to the primary tumor, inguinofemoral and pelvic area as well as local control (LC) and survival were evaluated.Results. Overall survival (OS), disease specific survival (DSS) and LC rates at 10-years for all patients were as follows: 22.7%, 34.5% and 41.1%, respectively. The best 10-years results of the treatment were achieved in the primary operated patients treated with adjuvant radiotherapy +/-chemotherapy (OS 31.9%, DSS 40.6% and LC 47.6%). Positive lymph nodes had a strong influence on LC. In case of positive nodes LC decreased by 60% (p=0.03) and survival decreased by 50% (p=0.2). There was a trend to a better LC with higher doses ≥ 54.0 Gy (p=0.05).Conclusions. The best treatment option for patients with advanced vulvar cancer is combined treatment with surgery and radiotherapy +/- chemotherapy, if feasible. Radiotherapy with the dose of ≥ 54.0 Gy should be considered to achieve better LC if positive adverse factors are present.Key words: vulvar cancer, radiotherapy, surgery, local control, survival

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Barbara Helena Zobec Logar, Onkološki inštitut Ljubljana

Radiotherapy department at the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana,

Radiation oncologist

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