Comparison of three film analysis softwares using EBT2 and EBT3 films in radiotherapy

  • Tamas Pocza National Insitute of Oncology
  • Zsuzsánna Zongor
  • Barbara Melles-Bencsik
  • Dóra Zita Tatai-Szabó
  • Tibor Major
  • Csilla Pesznyák


Introduction: The purpose of the study was to compare the results of gamma value based film analysis according to the used type of self-developer film and software product.

Material and methods: The films were irradiated with different treatment techniques such as 3D conformal and intensity modulated radiotherapy with static and rotational delivery. Stereotactic plans with conformal and intensity modulated arc techniques, using coplanar and non-coplanar beam setup were also evaluated. The data of irradiated film were compared with the planned planar dose distribution exported from the treatment planning system. Three film analysis software programs were applied: PTW Mephysto (PTW), FilmQA Pro (FQP) and (RC). Both EBT2 and EBT3 types of films were examined. The comparisons of dose distributions were performed with gamma analysis using 10% cut-off level.

Results: The results of the gamma analysis for larger fields were between 78.3% and 98.3%,  75.7% and 100%, 80.2% and 98.8% with PTW, FQP and RC, respectively. The results of evaluation in case of stereotactic measurements were 76.8% - 99.2% for PTW, 95.7% - 100% for FQP and 91.2% - 99.9% for RC.

Conclusion: All the three software programs are suitable for calibrating and evaluating films, and performing gamma analysis. Every combination of examined film and software products can be used for patient specific quality assurance measurements. The interpretation of own results has to be defined on an institutional level according to given workflow and preliminary results.

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Pocza, T., Zongor, Z., Melles-Bencsik, B., Tatai-Szabó, D. Z., Major, T., & Pesznyák, C. (2020). Comparison of three film analysis softwares using EBT2 and EBT3 films in radiotherapy. Radiology and Oncology, 54(4), 505-512. Retrieved from
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